I plan to take periodic photos to monitor how my panels look in the months ahead. Owner's Manual & Safety Instructions (PDF), UV-coated polycarbonate panels for sunlight diffusion. Primary Purpose is to Offer Great Protection and High Luster. - Utah 10x12, panels yellowing and becoming brittle after 2 years Aerospace 303 product came up in another forum. Outsunny 845-058 at $399.99. It’s inexpensive and very affordable. This is the first greenhouse I’ve ever owned. All Coupons for 6 FT. x 8 FT. ALUMINUM GREENHOUSE: current price ($429.99) | search the … I sprayed the roof with distilled water to wash off any dust. Greenhouse … Protects up to 9 Months in Fresh Water and 6 Months in Salt Water. Here's a link to some pics just posted by the person in TX who is replacing his roof. The problems (yellowing, and the development of small holes) have surfaced one to two years after purchase, and so far seem restricted to greenhouses in hot/sunny climates. See more ideas about 6x8 greenhouse, greenhouse, harbor freight greenhouse. http://www.theplasticsdoctor.com/, Thank you Robin24, that Boat Bright product in your first link is pretty interesting, and sounds like it would provide some UV protection. So, figure 2 years max in our hot climates...about $12-$15 per roof panel...reapplied every two years (let's not underestimate the hassle of taking the roof apart.) there wouldn't be any reason for the plastic to just disappear unless it was contacted by some other material. It might even be something as simple as waxing the panels with carnuba wax periodically to slow the out gassing and retard the UV degradation assuming that is the problem Would a poorly (cheaply) manufactured polycarbonate panel trap larger amounts of moisture/gasses inside the material (meaning, a "dirtier" product?) Contains no Detergents. If unreadable or miss- ing, contact Harbor Freight Tools for a replacement. Heats with propane and put plastic up so heat would not go to ceiling, Less $$ last winter.nHe also built a "pergola" next to it, so I can put plants outside in summer.That and the greenhouse is covered with shadecloth (mesh tarp) from HF. It wasn't real expensive and it looks like it will hold up nicely. I brokered tropical foliage so shade was desirable most all the time here. See more ideas about harbor freight greenhouse, greenhouse, greenhouse plans. The company you listed above says they're no longer carrying the UV inhibitor products listed in their website. If they do go eventually, I'll probably use plastic film to cover the frame. With the thinner and shipping, it came to a bit over $100, so I thought it was worth a try. If the reported panel failures in the above thread are not some kind of rare manufacturing fluke, and if they’re instead related to inadequate UV protection from heat/sun exposure, my little greenhouse in hot southern New Mexico should be a prime candidate for early panel failure. But the entry level cost brings with… They offer a UV clear version, so I may try to locate a source (no idea of cost yet.) Keep your fingers crossed. In-Store Only Add to My List. It goes on very thin, so one gallon should do the roof and walls of my 10x12. - Arizona 6x8, roof panels becoming so brittle after 3 years they broke upon touch. Here is what it says in the description for just one brand [there are lots of them if you Google]of the wax about what you can use it on and UV protection: So it appears there is NO UV protection on the HF GH panels?? Gallery of Harbor Freight 6×8 Greenhouse Replacement Panels Post navigation. The first two are of the 6x8 Greenhouse from Harbor Freight. Would you have a brand name for the UV inhibiting spray or liquid? It’s done everything I wanted, and more, for a very reasonable price. The jury is still out, but I’m getting ready to apply a product I ordered from this company. Contains no Solvents. So our tools will go toe-to-toe with the top professional brands. Polycarbonate panels are expensive to replace. Feb 2, 2020 - Explore Raymond's board "6x8 greenhouse" on Pinterest. Ron Mar 27, 2018 - My Harbor Freight Greenhouse and other greenhouse pins . I'll take more pics periodically to record any progression. ?What do you think?? Frankly, two things bother me a lot more than the above list. I think that the holes might be caused from space gravel. Get the Chrome Plugin or the Firefox Plugin. Just thinking here; Dec 23, 2017 - Building and Improving the Harbor Freight 6x8 Greenhouse: The 6x8 Harbor Freight greenhouse kit can be a true bargain with its $299 price tag and an always-available 20% off coupon making it the least expensive aluminum framed/polycarbonate paneled unit on the market. Eh? One person I know keeps a 6x8 covered with a sheet when it's empty during the summer...not even a true shadecloth...just so the panels aren't directly exposed. Will not Attract Dust or Wash Off in Rain. My small Lemon tree will appreciate that. Am I reading that correct? I agree that taking action has consequences, but if I wait too long to protect them, the risk is I’ll be buying new panels like my friend in Texas. But the entry level cost brings with… Available in two sizes. My question 2: Have you folks received complaints about the apparent deterioration of Harbor Freight polycarbonate panels after only one or two years in service, including yellowing and specifically the appearance of small holes? We put up a 10x12 Harbor Freight greenhouse seven months ago, and I love it! This watertight, reinforced polyethylene greenhouse provides off-season protection for your garden plants. I believe that even solexx brand panels won't last 8 years as warranted so it is silly on my part to think a Chinese made plastic would perform on anything even close to something properly manufactured. I hope they help you. We think you’ll enjoy these customer-made YouTube videos about our products. Easy to Apply and Buff Off. Here is AZ when a company guarantees shingles for 20 years, we plan on replacement in 10-12. Harbor Freight panels have no markings to indicate which side is coated. Previous. Some folks I know say it seems to help if you keep the greenhouse covered, even if not in use, so that might be something to consider...? Browse All Coupons | Recent Uploads | Expiring Soon | Price Changes | Google Search Tool. But, it will only last 2-3 years in exterior applications. There is nothing conclusive at this point, but the bad thing is, there probably won’t be for several more years, until we see how frequently the problem pops up. Greenhouse Roofing Panels Home Depot. Author Mely Posted on October 6, 2017. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Davesgarden.com, http://forums2.gardenweb.com/forums/load/strucs/msg0410080322640.html?65, http://hfgh10x12.blogspot.com/2007/08/this-is-greenhouse-we-bought-link-it.html, http://www.plastidip.com/home_solutions/Plasti_Dip, http://www.sublimationink.net/uvextreme.html, http://s124.photobucket.com/albums/p12/laserfan/10X12%20HFGH/Details/, http://www.babesboats.com/techGelcoat.php, http://www.topsecretcoatings.com/ts-100_1-part_epoxy_clear_4849362.htm. Out gassing is the reason that plastic lid doesn't fit the box any more It required some modifications for strength, but those weren’t difficult or expensive. We have invested millions of dollars in our own test labs and factories. 6 ft. x 8 ft. Greenhouse . Quality tools & low prices. I've just added exterior shadecloth to my roof, west wall, and west doors, in an attempt to further protect the most sun-exposed panels. It can be assembled by one person although two or more people would help greatly with assembly. Every compound has the possibility and materials that have low out gassing are typically very expensive and usually are manufactured for special uses like space. Places like Arizona, Las Vegas, and Texas may cause them to deteriorate faster. The panels are not yellowed yet, but they aren't as clear as they were. I suspect that folks with Harbor Freight greenhouses will apply the same ingenuity to this problem as they did to erecting them, so maybe we can help each other by sharing sources for replacement panels. But, I don’t feel right about not sharing this concern with others here. I'll look into the UV clear formula of Plasti-Dip next. One Stop Gardens. This aluminum greenhouse lets you grow vegetables, plants, Create an ideal environment for plants and vegetables, Get 10% Off Your Entire Purchase When You Open a New Account. http://www.plastidip.com/home_solutions/Plasti_Dip SUBMIT COUPONS HERE!!!! He'll have to be creative in modifications to the panels to get them to fit the channel at the crown, but he's great about sharing his experiences with photos. I'm assuming these are manufactured in China, along with the rest of the kit. Add to Cart Add to My List. Another thought, I used to buy a clear ultraviolet inhibiting spray or liquid for my commercial houses years ago. they ducked the question, referring only to general "filtering" through the material (which happens with uncoated poly.) I've not been able to locate similar products by Googling. I know it's an entry level greenhouse...I was just planning to get more than one year out of the panels! Ron, I'll look into the Solexx. Corrugated Plastic Greenhouse Panels. Used to mix it with cheap white paint for summer shade and applied it with a pump up sprayer. 10 Ft. x 12 Ft. Greenhouse with 4 Vents I think that makes a difference. They supposedly do have UV protection, I think a few people out there have had experiences that would suggest maybe there's not enough of it on there but I don't know if there's anything conclusive one way or the other at this point. He did suggest possibly using a wax (auto) that has UVI in it's components though. Additionally, add additional support beams as pictured. I am worried about them getting brittle and cracking. My HFGH has been a great way for me to learn. My Harbor Freight greenhouse panels (7 months old) still look fine, but I’m on a sharp lookout for problems. I did a search and ran across this company that has something interesting in UV coatings. I'm sure they'd wash off and need to be reapplied after rain or if you live in a dry climate like mine you'd probably have to reapply once a month or so even without rain, but you can probably get a bottle of it for under $5 so it might not be a bad solution (assuming it would provide enough protection, which I have absolutely no idea). In-Store Only. There is no mention of any "right" or "wrong" way to install the panels in the manual...and no way to tell the two sides apart. It happens to almost all plastic products and can take from minutes to years depending on the situation. Do you use a shadecloth? Amazing deals on this 10Ft X 12Ft Greenhouse With 4 Vents at Harbor Freight. Love it! I do have layers of shade cloth most of the year that limits the surface area of exposure, maybe a good thing for the panels. Quality tools & low prices. Oversized item: cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii. To have the manufacture increase the UV protection would increase the cost of the greenhouse to us and our customers." Harbor Freight One Stop Gardens Greenhouse 6x8 : What can we say in a Harbor Freight One Stop Garden's review that hasn't already been said. Sheri, My plastics engineer didn't find anything useful. These carry important safety information. People tell me that UV coated panels come with markings on the plastic, so folks know to install the coated side on the outside of the greenhouse, facing the sun. - New Mexico 10x12, my own panels begin to yellow after 7 months. Same mesh on internet would ne about $80.00, at HF for $50.00 12x20. First, Harbor Freight's answer to my carefully worded question (above.) Ron, Ron, thanks, I have all ten fingers crossed. Thanks for checking with your engineer, Ron. Ron, Sorry to be the bearer of potentially bad news, Ron. The list so far: It is week two of the One Room Challenge and I am so excited that we decided to build a greenhouse! I agree, these inexpensive greenhouses can be a good stepping stone to larger ones. This message was edited Jun 25, 2008 12:16 AM, What about something like this product? http://www.babesboats.com/techGelcoat.php More specifically, my desire to grow my own fruits and vegetables from seed has grown. Awesome Replacement Panels For Harbor Freight Greenhouse . http://forums2.gardenweb.com/forums/load/strucs/msg0410080322640.html?65 Since I didn't know about any panel deterioration problem 8 months ago, my plan was to avoid the hassles of shadecloth on the outside in our high winds...but doing so probably caused my panels to age faster. We guarantee this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship 90 days from the date of purchase. On we go. And we can sell them for a fraction of the price because we cut out the middleman and pass the savings on to you. Page 4 Front Panel. There's a total of 19 or 20 videos. Ron, I sure hope that’s right. Amazing deals on this 6Ft X 8Ft Greenhouse at Harbor Freight. Harbor Freight's reply to question 1: "The greenhouse only has a small amount of UV filtering through the panels. People have posted that HF customer support told them it doesn’t matter which side faces out. http://hfgh10x12.blogspot.com/2007/08/this-is-greenhouse-we-bought-link-it.html A wide variety of 6x8 greenhouse harbor freight options are available to you, An additional lift-gate charge may apply. Applied it to Filon fiberglass. I can’t really describe how amazing it feels to see something you … Harbor Freight 6x8 Greenhouse 3 Year Update (review) - YouTube The other person who reported holes has not returned to that forum, unfortunately, so no pics to compare. Fast set up Harbor Freight Tools Coupon Database. But the entry level cost brings with it some challenges which are well documented on a number of gardening sites. The ones sold at the box stores here are by Gila Films (http://www.gilafilms.com/) and they do have a great range of products, and excellent response to questions. http://s124.photobucket.com/albums/p12/laserfan/10X12%20HFGH/Details/ One member who restores classic cars says it costs $60 per gallon, and would only last a few weeks (less if raining.) My interest in gardening has been constantly growing. See more ideas about harbor freight greenhouse, greenhouse, harbor. It’s a clear one-coat epoxy finish with UV protection, and should last for years without reapplying. My question 1: Do the Harbor Freight polycarbonate panels have UV protection on both sides, or on one side only, or no UV protection at all? I have a hunch that the pin holes and discoloration is a result of chemical out gassing as much as it is the solar effects though. See more ideas about 6x8 greenhouse, greenhouse, harbor freight greenhouse. It's just that simple! (I had it hanging inside previously, so it did not protect the panels.) I may try to coat the roof panels in place with a long handled roller in the evenings (best not applied in temps over 90°.) Save $275.00. The only way I could apply a product that requires rubbing would be to remove all the roof panels, treat, and then reassemble… and that's a major job to repeat regularly (especially since my GH is full year round.) For more information, here’s an ongoing thread in another forum that explains how this question has come to light:: 6×8 harbor freight greenhouse assembly. I also wonder if the extreme sun here would require more frequent applications than in some climates? I didn't put it up this year because the GH is empty and I was lazy. However, two people from southern states have recently posted on another website about deterioration of the polycarbonate panels supplied with the Harbor Freight 10x12 kits. Problem is, we're not using it as intended; used indoors, it has a 10 year life span. I taped white paper behind each panel to look for yellowing. UV and Acid Rain Protection. We get a lot of summer heat, so I am thinking they won't last forever anyway. In engineering circles it is a "possible unverified failure" until a root cause can be established. Ron. Throws a monkey wrench into my plans!! We’ll see what happens, but I thought it was best to let folks know about this unsettling development, in case others in hot climates are considering making a purchase in the near future. Without the shade cloth, I bet those panels will age more this summer. I can’t believe penny-pinching Harbor Freight would provide UV coating on both sides of their inexpensive Chinese import greenhouse panels, if better greenhouses only coat one side. Warranting a product is usually a gamble on the manufacturer's part and he is playing the odds to his benefit. One Stop Gardens. Compare to. Because I’ve been maintaining a blog about constructing these affordable greenhouses, I emailed Harbor Freight customer support in early May. They’re independent, uncut and unsponsored. Save $170.00. The 6x8 Harbor Freight greenhouse kit can be a true bargain with its $299 price tag and an always-available 20% off coupon making it the least expensive aluminum framed/polycarbonate paneled unit on the market. I hope to have a bigger greenhouse by then anyway. Ron, Look into aerospace 303 protectant as it looks the most promising so far with high UV protection and won't hurt plastic (thier words) - Western Pennsylvania 6x8: yellowing after 2 years, holes and further yellowing after 5 years. My problem with products that need to be applied regularly is the tall roof…10 ½ feet at the peak. Given the number of hfgh houses out there the few problems with discoloring and holes can only be considered an anomaly of undetermined cause. sponsored content. It has two adjustable windows to allow heat to escape as needed. Best Greenhouse Panels Home Depot. Potential problem with Harbor Freight greenhouse panels. - Arkansas 10x12, west and south walls developed cracks and holes after 2 years (subsequently destroyed by hail) Often you hear "you get what you pay for" but even though the One Stop Garden greenhouse is one of the least expensive on the market, it isn't worth what you end up paying for it. - Texas 10x12, 1 year, roof panels brittle, yellowing, holes (see link above for pics) If there is a coating, why couldn’t they just tell me where it is? One challenge will be finding panels that fit into the channels in the door panels, vent windows, and the roof. Still deciding. Have 6x6 beams bolted to it. Harbor Freight's reply to question 2: "Our panels are constructed to resist the higher ambient temperatures but that may differ depending on what state the customers are in. Here's a photo of my 18" scrap (only exposed to one month of sun) held up to my roof panels. Of course with the price of petroleum going crazy I may never be able to afford any by the time I need it! Should we move it now after already being exposed for 7 months? I’ve also updated my Harbor Freight greenhouse blog to include this new information: I might be better off to just buy new 4mm panels with a 10 year warranty. Unfortunately, their support dept says the films absolutely can't be adhered to any plastic product (will turn milky and bubble, and will become embedded into the poly surface itself, etc.) I will keep looking. (Makes it hard to type.) It is coated with Gelcoat...came that way. Sheri, Out gassing can be anything from poorly mixed concoctions to environmental considerations such as heat and light waves. It may be something about only one lot of panels made during a certain time period or even a poor chemical application to a few panels. • It is always your responsibility to ensure that the greenhouse is properly anchored. I am contemplating purchasing either the Harbor Freight 4x6 or 6x8 greenhouse. I wonder if you could use some of the cheaper automotive protectant sprays--there are some that are designed to be used on vinyl/plastic dashboard materials to protect them from UV degradation. My guess is (all just guesses at this point) that shadecloth would slow the deterioration. Perfectly sized to fit in the backyard, this greenhouse is ideal for the casual gardener or flower enthusiast. Water-based. ;-), Solexx sells 3.5 mm panels and 5 mm panels and I saw it in rolls somewhere also. Dec 22, 2019 - Building and Improving the Harbor Freight 6x8 Greenhouse: The 6x8 Harbor Freight greenhouse kit can be a true bargain with its $299 price tag and an always-available 20% off coupon making it the least expensive aluminum framed/polycarbonate paneled unit on the market. May 14, 2020. There is a marine wax that you apply over the Gelcoat since the Gelcoat is sensitive to UV rays.I wonder how it would work if put on yearly and prior to building the HFGH? The manual doesn’t state which way to face the panels. Then, these trapped substances could be triggered to outgas when exposed to UV...more rapidly in sunny/hot climates than cooler ones...so the escaping gasses could cause the holes to develop? Grow and protect flowers and plants with this small greenhouse. I have a greenhouse! (The scrap has been stored indoors, away from the sun.) I moved everything to my shed porch for the summer as that porch is in full shade most of the day. 10 ft. x 12 ft. Greenhouse with 4 Vents. I have the 6x8, three years so far. Palram 741353 at $599.99. In the spring it will serve as a place to start seeds. We won't sell, rent, or trade your email. Jun 30, 2020 - Explore Cynthia Zienius's board "6x8 greenhouse" on Pinterest. Harbor Freight 6x8 Greenhouse I know it has been awhile, but I thought I'd post a few photos for an update. Harbor Freight Greenhouse Review/Evaluation First let me highlight the good points of the Greenhouse. Update -- late today I removed a south wall panel and replaced it with an 18" scrap of panel that we removed when we installed our exhaust fan 6 months ago. They say it’s safe for use on polycarbonate, although not specifically designed for greenhouses. Quality tools & low prices. I gather that outgassing is the release of moisture or gasses that are trapped in a substance during the manufacturing process. I have probably doomed my own panels to an early death, because my husband and I installed our Aluminet shadecloth on the inside instead of the outside, to avoid our awful winds. It's still a possible solution to buy some time, and the product would be easy for folks to find (online store) but I was a bit disappointed in the lifespan of the product, and it would be problematic to install. I'm planning on trying some spinach, kale, lettuce and some greens for the chickens in it! Regardless, seeing the yellowing on my own greenhouse would seem to indicate my panels are not performing as they should. I worked a lot with the (patient) sales rep, and for a small fee they increased the amount of UV protectant in my gallon (no info on what % of UV blockage.) The harbor freight 10x12 greenhouse has held up beautifully for me for the past three years after some slight modifications. If it works, maybe folks could use it on new HF greenhouses before erecting, for UV protection? (Hope can't hurt, can it? I know that doesn't help people with apparent issues but jumping to an easy fix for a problem often has unintended consequences so don't be too hasty. Flitz Waxx Protectant is a White Carnauba and Beeswax Formula that provides Exceptional Results on ALL Painted Surfaces, Clearcoat, Gelcoat, Lacquer, Polyurethane, Fiberglass®, Plexiglas®, Eisenglass®, Acrylics, Plastics and Much More. Create an ideal environment for plants and vegetables even in the off-season with this easy-to-set up greenhouse. These Harbor Freight deals can be pretty good. Yep, after only 7 months, my panels are starting to yellow. TOP PICK. My Harbor Freight greenhouse panels (7 months old) still look fine, but I’m on a sharp lookout for problems. DIY Backyard Greenhouse Using the Harbor Freight 6′ x 8′ Kit. See more ideas about greenhouse, 6x8 greenhouse, harbor freight greenhouse. The edges look sharper than I'd expected...like an impact of some sort. http://www.sublimationink.net/uvextreme.html. Time will tell, as you said. Harbor Freight 6×8 Greenhouse Replacement Panels. Alibaba.com offers 192 6x8 greenhouse harbor freight products. Make sure that you install it on timbers to anchor it to the ground. I don't have a name but will ask my plastics engineer if he can find something for us that we might use without breaking the bank or ruining our poly. Mine is less than one year old so time will tell. Limitations apply. The greenhouse incorporates a revolutionary design for quick and easy assembly, even by a single person. The Harbor Freight website currently describes the twinwall, 4mm polycarbonate panels included with the kit as “UV coated polycarbonate panels, nearly indestructible." Next. They may also contain some four-letter words that aren’t “tool” and other content that’s not appropriate for children. :-). LOVE the idea of lowering the ceiling inside … I'm not knowledgeable about the chemistry behind polycarbonate panels. ), My sister has one of those preformed fiberglass greenhouses. I have found one clear UV coating that the manufacturer says will work, but I’m still checking into it. 6 Ft. x 6 Ft. Greenhouse $ 124 99. I just asked my plastics engineer to find us a usable UV inhibitor. Jan 9, 2020 - Explore Deb Rollins's board "Harbor Freight Greenhouse", followed by 112 people on Pinterest. http://www.topsecretcoatings.com/ts-100_1-part_epoxy_clear_4849362.htm You'll only hear from us. Argh!! Here is a link to a different kind. I want it primarily for overwintering tender potted patio plants and ornamentals. He joked that $200 per month would protect our greenhouses…? 6 Ft. x 6 Ft. Greenhouse. I don't know anything about this stuff but you might call them. I have to agree with ecrane3 at this point. Thanks Becky, then your experience fits what others have posted too. Will post back. Here in the Phoenix area I have an even worse problem as we have more intense heat days as well as smog deterioration possibly. Harbor Freight Tools cannot be held responsible for personal injury, damage to the greenhouse, or other property damage that occurs as a result of improperly anchoring the greenhouse. :-( The person in Texas whose roof panels developed holes in a bit over a year didn't use a shadecloth either; people who have used one from the start seem (generally) to notice fewer problems earlier. I could not be happier! Problem is, I won't know for many months how well it has worked (if at all.) Rock and a hard place! 6 ft. x 8 ft. Greenhouse $ 429 99. I couldn't find any videos on framing the Harbor Freight 6x8 greenhouse, but here's the first in a series of their 10x12 greenhouse that appears to be the same. Note: Specifications are approximate and subject to change. I think it’s really too early to tell how widespread a problem this may be, and I wish I had more complete information to share. It’s not very big, but it should give me a nice place start my seeds and over winter some of the plants. The warnings, precautions, and in- structions discussed in this instruction manual cannot cover all possible con- ditions and situations that may occur. I still love mine; the design of the HF has allowed me to build replacement screens for the south wall, which seem to really help with our hot temps here. Both sides have clear protective plastic. We could leave the clear backing in place and find another way to affix the film to the poly panels (UV resistant rubberized construction tape along the edges?) Second, I’ve read UV coated panels are usually only coated on one side (costs more to coat both sides, and there's no need to coat the interior.) Most of the UV coated poly panels I’ve looked at have a 10 year warranty against yellowing. I'll start applying it to my panels soon, with a roller. Related posts. The greenhouse features a durable, all-weather aluminum frame and sliding door for easy access. The parts were all clearly labelled. Yesterday I researched UV blocking window films. Compare to. The thread in the other forum (link above) has more on that, as one person in Texas has ordered 8mm heat reflective twinwall poly panels from Charley's Greenhouse supply. Thanks for the info Ron. Page 6 Page 6 For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353. I'll update this thread as I learn anything new. PERCENT OFF GALLERY | FREE GALLERY | UNDER $1 GALLERY | INSIDE TRACK GALLERY. We hope these videos help inform your tool-buying decisions. When I asked where the coating was located (one side, both sides, or no coating at all?) Sheri, Looks like I might better save some money for replacement panels of Solexx? For California consumers: more information about our privacy practices. That would only be true if 1) neither side had a coating, or if 2) both sides did. This is after 7 1/2 months in southern New Mexico sun (intense sun much of the year) with occasional temps over 100°. Unfortunately our warranty on the parts for this item is only 90 days and we take case by case in determining how we replace the panels for each customer. Removes and Protects Against: Rust, Fingerprints, Water Stains, Tree Sap, Salt Deposits and Lime Deposits. For any difficulty using this site with a screen reader or because of a disability, please contact us at 1-800-444-3353 or cs@harborfreight.com. And a note from the lawyers: Products should always be used in accordance with the owner’s manual. Becky. I plan to keep the temprature around 50 to 60 degrees with a small electric space heater (I have succeeded doing this in the past with large cold-frames). I live in SE Michigan zone 5. Ron. Any help is much appreciated! Three years through winds and storms, and I couldn't be happier with this economical greenhouse. I'll take a pic tomorrow in better light and post back.

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