The Greek mountain division (Tetragono Pezikou) is over strength by at least two battalions. Infrastructure in the state and fortifications (naval fortifications for naval landings) in the province receive damage based on the attacker's attacks. Update v1.1: Features – It is now possible to set a command group to execute orders in different manners: carefully, balanced, and rush. Welcome to /r/HoI4. [31] In response to the media's stereotype of Chinese assault troops deployed in vast "human seas", a joke circulated among the US servicemen was "How many hordes are there in a Chinese platoon? Thanks to the versatility, it harmonizes with mobile warfare and mass attack doctrines. [34] Their use in the Sino-Vietnamese War is a rare example of an army with superior firepower, in this case the PLA, throwing away its advantage. Hoi4 Best Division Template 2018; Best Marine Template Hoi4; Mass Assault Division: 10xINF + 2xART +ART/AT/R-ART/ENG/LOG Adjusted template that adds a few extra INF divisions to make use of the -0.4 frontage reduction from the Mass Assault Doctrine tree. The Siege Artillery ability doubles both the probability and the damage against land forts. Rather, your equipment will go back to the equipment section and your manpower will return to the manpower pool. For HP damage, the die size is 2 and for organization damage, it is 4. The combat width of a division is the sum of the widths of the battalions it contains. [26], This persistent attack pattern left a strong impression on UN forces that fought in Korea, giving birth to the description of "human wave. When doing this, you will not lose manpower or equipment. Hearts of Iron 4 is a game of incremental decisions that take on mass and momentum to change the course of history. Sum of: Make sure to plan with your generals to make the most out of this doctrine. Both are integers. [26] According to some accounts, Marshal Peng Dehuai—the overall commander of the PVA forces in Korea—is said to have invented this tactic. These banzai charges by Japanese soldiers against Allied troops equipped with machine guns, light mortars, semi-automatic rifles and submachine guns were often ineffective in altering the outcome of a battle, but American troops later reported severe psychological pressure from defending against these out-gunned human waves. If you are on the attacking side, consider not attacking with more units than can fit into combat width so that the rest, instead of waiting in reserve, can recover organization and gain the planning bonus. This page was last edited on 24 January 2021, at 17:24. "[17], During the Russian Civil War, soldiers of the White Army charged the Bolsheviks in public areas to show that the Russian White Army was still actively fighting the Bolshevik Red Army. Mass assault. Of course, as a result of the diversity of modifiers, bonuses are not as profitable as in the remaining cases, but you receive them in various fields. [2] Because of this trade-off, human wave attacks can be used by an attacker with a lack of tactical training or one who lacks firepower and the ability to manoeuvre, but who can motivate and control their men. The Hardness stat of the defending division determines the proportion of soft and hard attacks the division receives: For example, a division with 100% Hardness receives all Hard attacks and none of the Soft attacks and a division unit with 25% Hardness would receive 25% of the Hard attacks and 75% of the Soft attacks. If you spot a mistake then you are welcome to fix it. The scaling is rounded to multiples of 10%, e.g., for strength less than 100% but greater or equal to 90%, the damage output is scaled by 90%. Mass assault. When you do have reserves and width available (if they caught up, or a division runs out of organization) and all defender units are already fighting, instead of waiting for reinforcement, it can be useful to stop the combat and attack again so all your units join immediately. When armored units are in combat against targets with insufficient piercing, the organization dice size is increased to 6, representing the ability of the armored unit to move more freely under fire, obtain better positioning and thus deal more damage. The base chance to join is only 2% per hour (so mean time to join is about 35 hours). This may seem somewhat odd, but the tactic totally works. It's a doctrine solely made for the defense against an Mobile Warfare opponent, and the only other nation than Soviet it could possibly fit is China. Tactics are chosen at the start of combat and changed every 12 hours. The economy tree is shared between all political paths, and is unlocked when the national spirit Banditryis removed. Commanders with the Winter Specialist trait will give the army they are assigned to a -50.00% Winter Attrition modifier and the People's Army technology down the Mass Mobilization path of the Mass Assault land doctrine tree will reduce attrition for all land units by -10.0%. When defending, if all frontline divisions retreat while there are still reserves available, the reserves are forced to retreat as well. [15] Since the Japanese suffered massive casualties in the attacks,[16] one description of the aftermath was that "a thick, unbroken mass of corpses covered the cold earth like a coverlet. › Hoi4 Best Land Doctrine The thing is about Hearts of Iron 4 is unless you’ve played the other games you cannot simply become good at it in a short time. The damage done to a unit's HP reduces its manpower and equipment proportionally by HP loss percentage, in addition to equipment loss from attrition. The defender's Defense values are used to determine how many defenses each of the defenders' units has. Historically the terms used in Hearts of Iron 4 had very different meanings for most of the countries. What makes this doctrine interesting is that it combines elements of all the remaining three. Mass Assault Doctrine. With mass assault you can do something like 15/5/1, have more infantry, more artillery, and an extra AT/AA battalion. The Mass Assault doctrine will be used on the left branch to create very durable infantry of 50 width that will eventually become 40.8 width upon completion of the proper doctrine research. … [4], Human wave attacks have been used by several armed forces around the world, including European and American armies during the American Civil War and World War I,[5] the Chinese People's Liberation Army during the Korean War,[6] Vietnamese insurgents during the Indochina Wars,[7] and the Iranian Basij during the Iran–Iraq War. The available width of the combat is increased when attacks on the province come from multiple directions, so tactical flanking is needed to leverage a numerical advantage if the battlefield width is a limiting factor. A unit with defenses left has a 10% chance of being hit (90% chance of defending against a hit). While in reserve, these units do not contribute to the battle in any way, do not regain organization and do not increase their entrenchment or preparation bonuses. Note that damage done to a unit's HP does not change the other stats of the unit before the combat is finished. With the potential for massive industrial expansion, and perpetual manpower, the following tips should help you to make the Soviet Union an unstoppable force. Subscriptions. During combat, the ratios of equipment and manpower losses are updated to 70% of the loss in strength ratio. Sudendly my defensive division went 16 width from 20. Divisions that do not fit the combat width or that join the combat after it has already started end up in reserves. The Mass Assault doctrine will be used on the left branch to create very durable infantry of 50 width that will eventually become 40.8 width upon completion of the proper doctrine research. [30] Due to primitive communication systems and tight political controls within the Chinese army, short attacks were often repeated indefinitely until either the defenses were penetrated or the attacker's ammunition supply were exhausted, regardless of the chances of success or the human cost. I would only recommend this if you play with a minor nation with small manpower and you desperately need … Larger combat width so you can make larger divisions. In total, the armored division is expected to deal 25 * 3.5 * 90% *, Fort: penalty for attacker attack and breakthrough of. The GBP Assaut branch has very small bonus and very late. After each attack, the defending unit removes one defense (if it has some left). This is compared to attackers' units hard and soft attacks to evaluate the damage done to the defenders' units. Otherwise, you run a risk that all frontline troops get low on organization and retreat at the same time, giving reserves no chance to reinforce. This is a sub-reddit for Hearts of Iron 4. Becoming addicted to mass assault doctrine in hoi4. Base battlefield width for combat is 80, where additional directions bring 40 extra per direction. Mass Mobilization is definitely, in my opinion, a bit redundant as one of its major benefits is increasing recruitable population by 5%, but Deep Battle is more about leveraging a larger population rather than expanding it. Enemy air superiority: penalty for defender defense or attacker breakthrough. Still a lot of work to do. [29] Attacks by the successive Chinese fireteams were also carefully timed to minimize casualties. Mass Assault is designed to be bad at first and OK later. To summarize the above with an example: an armored division with 1000 soft attack vs an infantry division with 500 defense. The human wave attack, also known as the human sea attack, is an offensive infantry tactic in which an attacker conducts an unprotected frontal assault with densely concentrated infantry formations against the enemy line, intended to overrun and overwhelm the defenders by engaging in melee combat. This means an unpierced armored unit on average does 3.5 organization damage per hit instead of 2.5, or 40% more damage per hit. The amount scales with the attacker's number of attacks, soft attack component and damage scaling factor. For each hit, the amount of possible damage done is random; a "die" is used to randomly choose the amount of damage done. [8], Human wave attacks were used during the Boxer rebellion in China. Mass assault has two branches, Deep Battle and Mass Mobilization. [1] S.L.A. 50 instead of 40 battalions of infantry. As a defender, try providing reserves in a timely manner so they have time to reinforce the frontline and are not forced to retreat and potentially be overrun. It is a general subreddit for the Grand Strategy Game from Paradox Interactive. "[6] U.S. Army historian Roy Edgar Appleman observed that the term "human wave" was later used by journalists and military officials to convey the image that the American soldiers were assaulted by overwhelming numbers of Chinese on a broad front, which is inaccurate when compared with the normal Chinese practice of sending successive series of five men teams against a narrow portion of the line. Width is also affected by certain combat tactics. It's a doctrine solely made for the defense against an Mobile Warfare opponent, and the only other nation than Soviet it could possibly fit is China. The Vast Offensives and Human Wave Offensive technologies from mutually exclusive branches of the Mass Assault doctrine tree reduce the width of ordinary infantry battalions by 0.4, meaning 25% more infantry battalions can fit in the same infantry frontage. Same for attacking—the attack stops if all frontline divisions run out of organization even if there are fresh reserves available. For the crowd act associated with sporting events, see, "Banzai Cliff was the Site of Hundreds of Suicides at the Battle of Saipan", "Japan plans final push to bring home its war dead - Asia - DW - 19.04.2016", "The 'beauty' and the horror of the Iran-Iraq war",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 January 2021, at 11:21. [14], During the Siege of Port Arthur, human wave attacks were conducted on Russian artillery and machine guns by the Japanese which ended up becoming suicidal. Exceeding combat width penalty: divisions in active combat can slightly exceed allowed combat width with a small penalty to offset this (, Stacking penalty for having too many divisions in combat: (, Air support: bonus to attack and defense (in addition to direct damage support planes do). I think that mass assault is a great doctrine if you're playing in Asia. In addition to its strategic use by Japanese military forces, the frequency of its use has been explained, in part, as Japanese troops adhering to their traditional Bushido honor code that viewed surrender as shameful or unacceptable whereas the bravery of a human wave charge, even if suicidal, was an honorable choice. In its formation, Yale was able to focus on providing education to the booming new Griffonian Empire. I tried to add more infantry but I cant get 20 width again. Other modifiers affect the number of attacks, thus the number of hits, but not the amount of resulting damage per hit. A specific attacking and defending unit then depends on the combat phase and can refer to unit on either side. The chance of being hit depends on whether the defender has any defenses left. This chance is greatly improved by having Radio researched, by division speed, doctrine tech, and having a signals company attached to the division. I can describe the general idea behind each path and choice so hopefully you will understand what we are aiming for. Support companies occupy no combat width. I usually have 40 width divisions of 25 infantry regiments, and I have managed to conquer the world quite a few times with this template. A unit's damage output is scaled by its fighting strength. Even if the odds of victory were slim, due to significant instilled loyalty to the Tsar, even after his execution, troops would often volunteer for reckless assaults, even if ordered to wait for reinforcements. The following factors modify the number of attacks and/or defenses a unit has in combat (list is not exhaustive): All positive factors stack with each other multiplicatively, so it is possible to reach very high values in a very good tactical situation. Atoll Burr artillery units are most effective for this type of warfare. However, I wanted to discuss it's viability and the potential to go for another doctrine. [26] The PVA assault team would crawl undetected within grenade range, then launch surprise attacks against the defenders in order to breach the defenses by relying on maximum shock and confusion. [HoI4] In defense of the Mass Assault doctrine HoI4 I see a lot of people dissing this doctrine in favor of those that give higher combat modifiers in optimal conditions, particularly in favor of superior firepower. The combat width penalty is calculated as 2 * (total_width - battle_width) / battle_width, so this shows that in a 80-width battle, it is possible to have a 93 width (penalty of 32.5%), but not a hypothetical width of 94 (penalty of 35%). View full playlist. [24], Later, the term "human wave attack" was often misused[25] to describe the Chinese short attack — a combination of infiltration and shock tactics employed by the People's Volunteer Army (PVA) during the Korean War. This practice is often referred to as "human sea attack" by the Nationalist Chinese. The damage against infrastructure gets scaled further as described in Construction#Damage_and_repair. If you get a Field Marshall with Offensive Doctrine, which reduces the combat width of all units under his command by 10%, you can create units of 11, 22 and 44 combat width respectively and have them all act as … An OP +5.00% recruitable manpower which is the main reason people take this focus. Custom difficulty settings Edit Damage against fortifications only occurs with a probability of 5% while infrastructure always gets damaged. Doctrine Mass Assault, Atoll Burr Booming, Trench Warfare Mass Assault See here Trench Warfare See here Atoll Burr Booming This is a tactic exclusive to the Grotesque Spore Creatures. The 20 combat width is the balanced method. During the Chinese Civil War, Nationalist Chinese accused the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) of using unarmed civilians as human shields with the intention of draining Nationalist force's ammunition supplies during battles.

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