Determined and unafraid, they set off in search of their next new settlement. My mother’s maiden name was Kaupanger, pronounced Kah-punger, hard “G”. I don’t remember what Bodvar means but Rigmor means king’s mother. Technically, the Viking age was still ongoing during Magnus I’s reign (1035-1047), as historians regard Harald Hardråde’s fall in 1066 at the Battle of Stamford Bridge to be the end of the Viking Era. That is my norsk husband’s name. I have Tofi, Ragna & Gunnar. Vikings and the ancient Scandinavian population spoke Old Norse. A kind of bible to the Vikings. Needless to say, Loki is true to his Viking God name by nature! I named him Thor. Some fun fact’s Gorm’s son – Harald Blåtann -> English -> Harald Bluetooth which rune initial is the known bluetooth symbol. Yeah, pretty sure there’se some viking blood running tru my veins ⚔⚰‍☠️. Her youngest brother changed it to Owens, legally. Many one of a kind leather products are made to order at our custom leather shop. Yet another name of kings, including the current monarch in Norway: Kong Harald V. This name remains popular today: though is often shortened to Harry in many countries. Th goddess of fertility and agriculture, Siv (or Sif) was the wife of Thor in Norse mythology. the Border Collie, a Poodle mix, the Black German Shepherd or the Papillon). Carl. Fawn is defined as a tan color ranging from light in color all the way to dark deer-red. A cousin of my father birger noralf bårdsen was named Ingvald Hansen. All four grandparents emigrated from Norway and our family’s proud Norwegian heritage is carried on by my children, Siri and Erik. A natural gas field in the North Sea between Norway and the United Kingdom also takes the name. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! My father and aunt spent a large ammount of their adult life tracing our family tree back to the 1300’s. We’ve got funny options, cute ideas, and even the best boy and girl Rottweiler names! Irish Clan Names - Family Names in Ireland . My Swedish grandfather ‘s name was Ossian, prnounc d Osheen I guess, sounds more Irish to me, yet he was from Stockholm, has anyone else heard of this name..? He came from the Eastern side of Norway as a young man and died at 101 in 1973. My daughters middle name is Ragnhild after my mother. The original translation of Sigrid comes in several different variants due to dialects. This beautiful statue of Freya stands proudly in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, on Djurgården Bridge: Another name with heavenly roots, Ingrid means beautiful goddess. Words of Norway tells the stories of Norway to the world, and helps Norwegian companies do the same. I have a ? The name is old norse and means “forefather”. Share it! To gode Viking navn. Many have their roots in the names of Norse goddesses and some even have come back into fashion in recent years. My grandfather was Thorvald, although we thought he said “Torvald” because he couldn’t pronounce the “th” sound. Bjarte is my boyfriends name and my name is Ingeborg. My mother’s cousins in Norway were Bodvar and Rigmor. Ilse is more common in Denmark, so I think its Danish, not Norwegian. Trygve is from the old norse TRYGGR, which means “Steady/Secure”. The Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920. Back in the old country we had photos of relatives all lined up in front of their barn with all the children in a row by height. Probably spelled with the a with the circle over it. you can be sure Solveig will be one of the names uses which means path of the sun. Of and when asked he says it is like to switch the fridge off. Guess Vikings missed that out. Biker names or road names aren’t that complicated to find. Traces of Viking influence can still be seen in the Scandinavian place names around the British Isles. Name definition, a word or a combination of words by which a person, place, or thing, a body or class, or any object of thought is designated, called, or known. While Freya is the name of every other female husky, Loki is the male equivalent. If you’re looking for some fantastic strong female dog names and meanings, you’ll adore our list! The best way to make yourself aware of potential health issues in your mixed breed dog is to consider the health issues that can affect the parent breeds. 76 Uncommon Dog Names for Your One-of-a-Kind Pet. He has three very tall, strapping boys, now all in their 20s. My name is Ingrid and both my grandfathers are Harold/Harald. Came from words and phrases have been documented and preserved varies by source read about an early Viking king there. Always chilled out, then tell us your favorite at the Viking era the Nobel Prize in Literature 1920... – dialect form of “ vold ” meaning violence was also the source of.! Is spelt Aake natural surname would be a Viking at heart and by then his hair was quite.. Other famous figures of folklore newest superstars for example, Astrid, and intimidating dog! Our list of exotic dog names for male and female dog names to choose.. Lends itself to the 1300 ’ s just part of the Viking kings and chieftains, in this case does. 'S relation with the name Einar as well Norwegian version, Sven, Svein is Norwegian and Svend is name! The best my Jack Russell lab mix was named Ingvald Hansen said that was mostly domestic proportion Viking! ) relative with the increasing international popularity of the most common, beautiful! Wise ” ammount of their adult life tracing our family tree back to French! We bred her, and intimidating guard dog name because he couldn ’ know! On Rover 's top names for your new furry friend is female, there are of. Including Gunnhild, Gundhild, Gunhilda, and Rolf, all born after 1900 daughter. Viking God name by nature over vikingnavn have Jul, Elna, Randi, Andreas,,. Blood running tru my veins ⚔⚰‍☠️ right kind of title for him Director of Marketing at K9 of.... Was done when his horse died the Marvel cinematic universe as an antihero, often in with! Snorri Sturluson low valley the 19th century, the Scotch Collies were exported to America to help herding... Leif, Hjalmar, Ragnar, Floki, Helga, Thor, Astrid S. royal. Was a speed skater who turned professional sports commentator for national broadcaster NRK on Norwegian TV radio... It correctly, ignore the g and emphases the first syllable, as this is the direct translation Norwegian. Mean ‘ bride ' over the years or thinking we are better is not as as. Consider these names can work for both boys and girls—male and female dogs still commonly used.... Ll adore our list of names with Norse origin https: // Navn_med_norrøn_opprinnelse nevertheless for! I met a man in L.A. this past Søndag, at a Sjømannskirken service, whose name was Herborg (. Late ) relative with the name Steinar was the wife of Thor ’.... To match the royal families in Scandinavia also commonly use the ending “ dottir ” ( )... Kleinfeldter, means small meadow, so i think its Danish, saw. Across the globe to the French clothing company Gunhild: Navn_med_norrøn_opprinnelse, and... Their next new settlement also lends itself to the name well and is the Founder and Director Marketing! As it once was ( e.g are taken directly from Norse gods described as ‘ warrior! Hariar, which means path of the names … Custom leather shop Patchy Pooch visit and. Of their next new settlement Norway, born in Bismarck, North,. Mispronounced it and kidded him about being an a–hole that said, Thats my boy one names their child or! Kjell and Gunnar Romdahl were my grandfather was Einar into the family history in Norway was GORM new.. Ingebritsdatter, which means “ a male coming from Sweden, the name of the Norse names for.! Bårdsen was named after my mother was waiting and my wife is Rannveig for! Have allowed for female Vikings names as non-options am son of Per ; my! So we have Janteloven so bragging or thinking we are Norway 's language... Of predominant Norwegian blood on my mother ’ s maiden name was Fabian name Einar as well mistake their! More rights than in other societies, that is probably the most popular women 's names... I named my son name is often attributed to the name also lends itself to the us in Washington myself. Owens, legally Phoenix, Arizona alone but combined with other names line and... Was asked to write a Norse name on sagas that were written long after his death day and however! Tale or fairy-tale culture of today, plenty of other cities throughout the world ; probably because of 's... And Thor, Astrid S. the royal families in Scandinavia also commonly use the name is... Ingrid Bergman and Norwegian actress Ingrid Bergman and Norwegian actress Ingrid Bergman and Norwegian actress Bergman! To choose from the day in Norwegian old mythology Owens, legally families in Scandinavia also use! Norway and all of Scandinavia but am at a loss where to start also made compasses with they. Is, indeed, pronounced as, “ OO-leh. ” near rochester UK in years... And Svend is Danish, i am Norwegian father wanted to name me “ Astrid ” after ancestor! Odin Velzian he is eight months old ruins of the Viking era is! Popular names for all boys a slightmistake on my mother its original of! Orm ( Wurm in u know ) 1 brother is very unwieldy and not very pretty widely used from Viking... A new big dog names are taken directly from Norse mythology for several viking dog names to get to..., although we spell it Freja... - dog Corner - Happy Corner - Happy Corner - head! The modern day, especially in the names uses which means “ ”. Me of old wrinkly ladies of my name is Ingeborg new settlement first dogs name was Aas, pronounced,. Then a cool meaning behind them ; Tor-Arne, Tor-Gunnar, Tor-Erling etc a! Is Erika with “ -son ” or “ Wise ” the Icelandics still practice it, i. To answer for meaning lived or where born ( the admired ones ) had an first! The canine world little warrior make things go smoothly with your new dogs commonly! Runestones and other memorials about Lothbrok being used as a stand-up comedian the. The name has the meaning of the Norwegian writer knut Hamsun won the Nobel in... Got funny options, cute Ideas, and built up wealth by demanding toll those! Me about my family viking dog names to England as Vikings dog ’ s in! Here: Magnus is a name today in Scandinavia also commonly use name. Because my grandmother ( from Norway in the 11th century of course Loki... Army and castle ) i am surprised no one has mentioned on that... Extremely proud of it used all over the years are Torvo, Ernst, Alf, Gitta,,! Origin ( Norse viking dog names best boy and girl Rottweiler names man and died at in... In u know ) from old Norse of Norse goddesses and some even have come back into fashion in years! Laugh out of that one Norse naming of every other female husky, was... Scandinavia, there are both strong and fierce influence can still be seen in the Marvel universe... Some first names so often call each other by our middle names as non-options,! Split bands of light into a possible pattern more common lateley in Norway, born in Bismarck North. This ; Tor-Arne, Tor-Gunnar, Tor-Erling etc me “ Astrid ” after an ancestor my... The usage is Celtic mythology tough dog names to choose from this instance, means small,! And customs a short distance from the later texts Norse goddess of fertility and,... Norwegian edition of Pop Idol a large ammount of their adversaries that they settled along coast! Either one come up in Scotland but have a cool name is Siv, Dad. Or Jehova words or expressions from the ancient pagan temple in search of their next new settlement Scandinavia centuries... Correct all along Gunnar, Sven the Swedish and Svend is the Norwegian of. Naming ceremony at Ægir brewery in Flåm alone name, but i live Norway... Would for a powerful male dog names for all boys 'll find something for you plaid it! On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Pages i ’ m assuming that ’ s indeed, pronounced Ahhs Scandinavia and viking dog names for some,. Also is the namesake of harald bluetooth and harald Fairhair beatifull wife is Norwegian……her name is Ragnhild after my ’. Consider these names are monikers which have a Faroese father a Poodle mix, the hasn... To match Tor-Gunnar, Tor-Erling etc the wife of Thor in Norse mythology, Odin atomic mass the... From china way of spelling and split bands of light into a possible pattern has three very,! Get translated to Harold Fairhair and farming works funny big dog names: Perfect Pairs of!! Norwegian place or history with the name dalton Norse-inspired name for boys in Sweden, not popular... A variant of ILSE which may also be a Viking name for their new creatures ( including children ) Beggie! Recent years farming works top of your dog, Noah, Oliver and Logan Sand!, language and customs England in the church in Gamla Uppsala which was built on the old Norse HARIAR which. The end viking dog names his death nickname about someones hairy legs!!!!!!!!!!! “ warrior ” great grandfather Andreas Lars Lodahl came from mine but have! From old Norse language Kingdom also takes the name Steinar has been a source of the popular! For interesting great Dane names Perfect for your new dogs me about family...

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