Click on his cigarette. Finally out! Go back out through the Middle of Nowhere tunnel to the Outskirts. I finished with 37 coins after buying everything. Gate Keeper won't give up his keys. ), Posted by: Click on the visible doorway. :) Please put spaces after your periods, and please don't type in all caps. Anzhela: I have all the eggs and I'm in that last room in the museum. i don't know what it is. Pick up coin. Daymare: 1998 Chapter 2 Orders are Orders Guide. The order of the eggs is: chicken, wooden, bronze, silver, gold, faberge (not that it's hard to figure out). *evil laugh*. Nothing but top notch entertainment from the best. There are definitely 41 and it is possible to grab that last one going up. Cube Escape Theater; Cube Escape Birthday 60. Give the MUSEUM PAMPHLET to the librarian. Tags: None. Arsenic - 2 (Optional) 19. Princíp hry zostáva rovnaký, len sa nám zmenil ciel, ktorým je tento krát prienik do mesta. Only a year ago I started playing games via BigFish and when I found Daymare, I was excited. Vendelino: It says 'Score higher than 50 to get a Gold Medal!' Through the unlocked door on right, our old friend has a coin on the right, by the steps. And I thought I'd clicked all around. I couldn't figure this out until I bought the high def version. :). i get the "daymare town 2" title and no start/play button :( . I hope you get the answers to all your questions. Click on the window and buy the PAINKILLER and the BOTTLE OF WATER. Click on fishing creature twice. Coins out of the drawer? *sighs* :-), Ahh, thank you! -Jay]. Go forward. 3. Results for: daymare town 2 Search Results. On the left side of the first part of the pier as you look down to the fisherman in the distance. And you should have 32 coins. You have left Daymare Town. I replayed the game and watched a walktrough on YT, and it's not possible to get the item in non-HD. There are a few comments about more but they're all talk, no proof. Can you escape the nightmare of a day again or will DayMare Town forever haunt you? *Fisherman Alley Booyah. How to play DayMare Town 2. Daymare Cat read more. Strong Painkiller - 1 (Optional). emiliegranny 2016-08-08 01:54:12. although we only ended up with 22 coins, we wouldnt have gotten anywhere without spoilers. Where is 2010? What do the Cherry Embassy girl and the Sand Witch want..?? I've gotten a little farther: I found the ladder area with the balloon at the very top and the pearmain in the trashcan at the bottom. Posted by: Daymare Town 4: After three years, the next installment in the beloved creepy-cool point-and-click adventure series by veteran developer Mateusz Skutnik has finally arrived. I was only able to find one ancient medallion in the aqueduct, where is the other? I'll fix it Shudog. Go back to Museum main hall. without reloading the game you will notice that you have the last unused key from the game before in you will not be able to finish the game a second time, because at some point the key will just move above one of the other items. Or at least some more hints. Very beautiful game. Click on the hole. "Congratulations! This one is just as intense. I really wanted to pick up the chalk and give it to the tenement dweller. *Wall Street alley (next to Pharmacy) 3qtcn8, I'm pretty sure the only difference is that Shudog grabbed the last coin in the. 50. 0 posts 0 views Subscribe Unsubscribe 0. FOG HAVEN. The high score is 43. if Cherry Embassy means something? 38, 39. I did the same thing, Anonymous. See Totals above for another math check. Did another year just pass by unexpectedly?? there is something on the wall which is click able and you can zoom in on it, on the left side of the man who want the medals. 37. (the last one goes to a door that's sorta blindingly obvious to the point of being overlooked...) I am convinced the solution to the last missing egg is in this room with the chicken and the basket, but I cannot figure it out. Very good, thank you. Outskirts, to the right. Go right (2 coins here). ^_^ Still don't know what to do with them. Anyone have any ideas? Placer tout ça sur la poignée. Go to Fisherman Alley. Pick up a coin. The coin-through is in chronological order, and assumes you get 10 coins from the Aristocrat. Open the oven and take BREAD. Click on necklace of wall-hanging and use PEARMAIN on open mouth. Tom: Sorry, but I'm going to replace your Coin-through with Shudog's up in the walkthrough section due to the quantity of coins found. In the eggs-hibit, on the floor down from the 2nd and 3rd holes. Most fun games bring you some of the most exciting action games with 5 star ratings. 0 posts 0 views Subscribe Unsubscribe 0. Below the medallion-man's hands, there are two circles connected by a line or a string or something that you can zoom in on. 1. LS, I could have sworn I tried that. Large fellow blocks the way. Ok I just sliced up the cheese with the knife purely by accident. Combine the … (The fourth doesn't seem clickable.). 1 stuck to the wall. Exit to Wall Street. 7, 8. May 31, 2008 4:20 AM. JiG is on Patreon and Needs You! The only thing I can imagine, would be to use the balloon with the pioneer ballon in the museum. Zoom back out 3. Hidden Master 10. Categories. In the dark passage from the Aqueduct: in the shadows on the floor on the right. 2 on the floor to the left. Click on the left-hand side to get to CITY GATE. DAYMARE TOWN 2 You are lost once again in the nightmare of the day... you must once again escape Daymare Town. Submit a Game: Don't just read reviews or play games on, submit them! JayIsGames offers a free online experience with the best free online games. Click on WALL STREET (right of center). The girl sitting in the corner is now RATHER in your face. They just so perfect and you want to play more that one time. Daymare Town 2 Game Online. And I'm out! Daymare Town 2 This is the second part of Daymare Town, a stylish and odd adventure game from the author of Submachine series. 1. high scores so far is 43 coins? Daymare Town 2 … The adventure of undercover agent Kara continues... Submachine Extended Version; point and click escape game. Click on the chicken and then on the falling egg before it breaks. Click on the archway on the right to view the yawning statue. There's a chicken. I first played this long ago and think it's one of the best games ever. So if people have questions I hopefully can answer them. 6:48. In the ally with the ladder, you can click on the compass-looking thing on the wall to zoom in on it. Someone is thirsty. I got out of the town with 19 coins left :D. give the medalinos to the giant, what am I doing wrong? Go back to the Pharmacy and buy the HOMEMADE BLADE (knife). Little creatures that just stare without ever saying a word come up in her works now and then, too. Click to the left (1 coin here). I lately seem to have a problem linking to games from the big picture links. Glad to see other people thought the same way. You can end up with 38 coins in pocket. What might cheer her up? I guess it's best to give it to the sick guy in the bed. (+1 net), Buying the museum ticket (-4) at first leads to 2 coins. Go right from the start screen. I just found my way into town and I'm already stuck. Play Daymare Town 3 Updated: August 29, 2013 1:25 PM MY GAME ¡Jugar a Daymare Town es así de sencillo! I am currently #2 in the all-time rankings! What might help him with that? Help? Add to my favorites . Since 2003, we review every day only the best, including casual games, flash games, arcade games, indie games, download games, shooting games, escape games, RPG games, puzzle games, mobile games and much more. This should be the last free one before unlocking with the Rusty Keys. or. DayMare Town 2. But from the inside. 3, 4. Tenement House: in front of the person in pain Can you confirm that works in the non-HD version? The medallion will fall off. goes on dock on hook and second fish which then knifed and in desert on hand. SIZE: 1863KB CREATED BY: Pastel Stories & … Thanks, and enjoy your visits here. Covert Front 3: Night in Zurich. I love this series so much. Finishing the game needs 13 coins for various things. The butcher scared me. Pauzička » Hry » Adventúry. You have to drag the coins to the shaded areas on the menu and then once they're all full buy will appear. It never occurred to me to recheck that room >.<. Now I have: maggot, knife, 21 coins, rusty keys (two keys on ring), cheese slices, and balloon. Click up the ladder twice (1 coin here). Use RUSTY KEY RING on door. No wonder I was confused about who I gave what. Uh, oh! The Cherry embassy woman needs the seed from Fog Haven. Newgrounds accounts are free and registered users see fewer ads! I have one key left, so maybe the answer is in whichever door I haven't opened. Ak ti hra nefunguje, skús si nainštalovať nový Flash Player, alebo ju otvor v inom prehliadači. Almost ready to go? I used the pearmain on the wall hanging in the aqueduct, and used the medallion I got from the wall hanging on the palm of the giant in the infected area. Little Wheel. 57. Click on door. Submit your game now and we might release it in homepage. Whoops. Does anybody know what to do about the Cherry Embassy chick?!? It should be fine the 2nd time. But that's all I remember. I missed the coins in his drawer! The one at the beginning. Lol. It's possible to have 39 by not buying the Arsenic (though there is no special message or anything, Scrooge…:p), Museum Ticket - 4 I agree with Trapper about the unsolved mysteries. Revenge!"...? Daymare Town 4 read more. 25, 26, 27. You are Playing : DayMare Town 2 « back. Daymare Town 2 Advertisement [REPLAY] Daymare Town Episode 2 is the second episode of the Daymare Town series, a point and click type puzzle and escape game from Mateusz Skutnik, who is also the creator of the Submachine game series. I just love all these creepy noises and scary sounds in Daymare and Submachines. ALL Daymare Town games in one package, retouched in HD. Go through door. That's not all - you also get soundtracks from Daymare Town 3 and 4. Finishing the game adds 2 more coins... if you're good. I like this one more than the first for the fact that it was more creepy. The little girl (?) Start divvying things out - who wanted the water? Click on the left side to get to FISHERMAN ALLEY. Like, I have enough money, and I have tried clicking on everything possible to buy, and it only comes up with the little buying page with the "cancel" button on it and won't let me buy things! Le 2:Prendre la piéce par terre. What I have left: knife, maggot, cheese, rusty keys (with two keys unused), and 15 coins. Go left and use RUSKY KEY RING to open the little door. Go left. Down, on a little outcrop that looks like a sausage. Click on chicken and quickly click on the egg that drops. Wooden Egg - 3 [Hi, welcome to JIG! Click on pier (1 coin here). Use a rusty key on the door. *City Gate/Outskirts You don't need to pick it up. . But that makes sense, thanks. Use a rusty key to open the door. Daymare Town 2. Really like these games. Another … Collect the string to the left of the stone and then look behind the stone and collect the key. Enter FISHERMAN ALLEY. 10. I'm going to try them on the cherry girl. And stealing from the fellow in the can. You don't get a coin bonus for that one, but you still finish the game with plenty to spare. Go into the basement (3 coins here). That description was tantalizing. ), (a href, b, br/, strong, em, ul, ol, li, code, spoiler). I ended up with 37 coins at the end after buying all items and giving the Strong Painkiller to the aristocrat. Return to the main hall. And as you rise in the balloon, keep the pointer over the left hand (on the screen) and grab the coin next to the figure right as it comes into view. (Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional. Right part of the screen. Ok so get this yall 37 coins. Click on Aristocrat's House (right of center). You can read our daily honest reviews and walkthroughs, play games, discuss about them. (3 coins in entryway with Tickets and Souvenirs sellers) I've already opened the ones in. it would be rad to play these games on a black background? (+9 net). Part two of the hand drawn point and click adventure game Daymare Town. Return to Fog Haven (via Fisherman Alley)... The Cherry Embassy is a small location in Daymare Town 2 that can be accessed from the Butcher's Market. Finished with 35 coins. Thanks for the hints, guys. And for my second question: is it normal to scream like a little girl when you are playing at 1:00 a.m. when you see her doing that? Comments. The woman in the Cherry embassy needs something from you . Aristocrat's house after sending death away? Hi. Go back a screen to pick it up. What gives? The truth is ... Woots! Outskirts, to the left. Where the circular metal door is: coin in the corner. 56. 1 by the column. Go forward twice. Someone is listed as having 43 coins. Put the maggot on the end of the hook. Give PAINKILLER to man in bed. DayMare Town 2; english walkthrough May 1, 2008. written by punkthug. Which he did and left with Death, who was sitting beside him. Click on right-hand side. I feel bad about the squatter/baker figure. Click on BUTCHER. If it breaks, you can click on the chicken again until you catch the REGULAR CHICKEN EGG. Put MAGGOT on hook. The only thing I had left at the end was coin and knife. one of the most beautiful and atmospheric games ever, and much more to explore than in the first part. Please help me! 1 on the right. the person in the Cherry Embassy scared me. Return to main hall - note the closed door at the end due to theft. I love the feeling, the drawings, the story and the progression. Yay! Go left - note the missing balloon. Why do my paragraphs keep vanishing when I post?? To finish the game, you also need the pamphlet (-2), wooden egg (-3), water (-3), and the blade (-5). Go back to the hole where you came in. Juega online en Minijuegos a este juego de Aventura Gráfica. I think they might be loose or stacked. has anyone info aout that ? Click just right of center to find a wall-hanging. Advertisement. This is "you," at the end of the first DT, walking across the bridge. If you haven't played Daymare Town 1, you won't be at a disadvantage, but the first scene won't make sense. I mean it took me a long time to figure out "Sand Witch", and then I fell over laughing. I was superbly thrilled when I accidentally found the medallion in the little fish! I have an important question: is it normal for the cherry embassy girl to look like she wants to murder you or something? Thanks for the info about the dock! Collect the coin from the lip of the well and then collect the little hook from the ground to the left of the well. I'm not as far and farther than you. Go back. SIZE: 1398KB CREATED BY: Pastel Stories & Mateusz Skutnik Used with Permission Excellent continuity. I've always wanted to make some sort of creepy surreal game in this same vein, but I always tried to make each background super-detailed like Jansson always did. I ended up giving the pill to the guy in the tenement and putting the aristocrat out of his misery with the arsenic. ViciousBits | Go upstairs. Note that round cover to tunnel only stays open when the handle's pulled down. Big Shiny Golden Key - 2 Go left to pick up just an ordinary stone (1 coin here). The butcher needs a drink. Go back to the left twice and up the stairs (1 coin here). Description The Cherry Embassy is a rather empty location, consisting of a single room and screen. That means that there is no noon, and 14 is not what you anticipated it to be. Το σαλιγκάρι Bob 7 είναι εδώ! Nvm. cos' Now I just wonder what the last key was for. Daymare Invaders read more. FORBIDDEN DISTRICT. Daymare town 5??? He needs a light for his cigarette. Left. Look out the window - note the giant with one hand open; note his medallion. Go right. AQUEDUCT. Speaking of depth, at the very end don't forget to read the titles on the art. I don't know why I lost formatting on that first paragraph between "Checking Totals" and "Detailed Walkthough". o_0. That's 8 games all together. I did, I think that's another place where I got confusticated. (omg) cut of the string and hop on! 6. I've edited your comment above. I love when Mateuscz gives a link to the walkthrough right in the game. Again you have to find and use items with your mouse to solve the quests. Apart from kudos. If it does hit the ground, just click the hen again for another egg. Collectible Type Total for this chapter; Deer Bobbleheads: 5: Files: 13: Audio Logs: 3: ID Tags: 2: Keen Sight Town… On the ground in front of you. After many, many attempts, 41 coins is all I can find. So out of the MUSEUM I have 7 coins. Go right - note the locked door in the wall. I'm using a Mac and it did the same thing to me at first. Go right again (1 coin here). Labeling of destinations while traversing was a little inconsistent but not troublesome in this installment. If you added it to my coin-through, mine would be as complete (not as convenient to use perhaps, but equally good). Got a little further -- I'd missed the aqueduct entirely for some reason. I have 7 eggs filled in, middle slot still open. I really loved the first one, and this one was just as great. (3 coins in Pharmacy interior, with the spigot and the test tubes), Buy everything from the pharmacist (blade, water, arsenic, pain killer). There is a coin in the dark with the all the eyes, click on the smallest eyes on the bottom left side and you receive a coin :]. Opening: You are facing wooden doors, O x 1 on ground L Pick up stone, O x 1 on ground R R O x 1 On cliff ledge, O x 1 Building ledge, As you venture beyond the walls of the town, are you prepared to handle the mysteries of the Sea of Smoke and the surreal puzzles within? There's one egg left missing in the display case. Click to the right just to the left of the wall that covers that side of the screen. Play DayMare Town 2 and other flash games at … please make a daymare town 5. Give it the museum pamphlet. I gave the headache pill to the aristocrat, but gave the arsenic to the guy who wanted revenge. there are no coins, just the lighter Take the fish. ARISTOCRAT'S HOUSE, lower level. And get the keys from the gatekeeper, so you can continue following the coin-through. Click on mouse trap and take LIMBURGER CHEESE. what is he good for ? Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone! Go back. Spoiler tags by section. Il gioco DayMare Town 2 appartiene alle categorie Rompicapo e Avventura è stato giocato 3720 volte. Pick up three coins. Noting that there are a lot of naked figures wandering around... nothing awful. It seems like there might be more than one ending. And there is one final coin as you're riding the balloon. I'll fix your comment above. I'm petrified of the girl, and yet I want to figure out how to get more art out of that sequence. LS, I don't remember where I got them either, except for the two you already mentioned. person's hand Any players know how that happened? I dealt with the balloon...Did I miss something somewhere? Go back to the market. 1 coin in the right front burner of the stove. I might as well give some hints/spoilers for where I've gotten so far: To open that round hole, you need to hold the pull-rope down, but you can't climb into it while holding it down... maybe if you tied something heavy to it? Yay! Daymare Town 2 returns you to the daytime nightmare of a place complete with new puzzles to solve, new characters to meet, more creepy creatures peering at you around corners, and more items to find (this time he has you looking for coins). Then you'll get an egg from the giant in the Forbidden District. Pretty great game. This free program is an intellectual property of Pick up a coin. Go back. I still have a balloon I can't do anything with. xD. Take the golden egg. Buying the flower (-1) leads to 2 coins. Play DayMare Town 2 game online. Go up twice and pick up coin, up once more and pick up BALLOON. I finished the first game with 30 coins, even after buying the arsenic, so I've missed a couple more. Open the oven and take the small loaf. Pick up a coin. Click on the passageway left of center with the arc on top. Going forwards and left to where you can see the Sand Witch's burrow: on the balcony on the upper left. Pick up two coins and GOLDEN EGG. Take cheese from mouse trap. By the giant, at the very top right are 2 coins. Go to end of pier - note fisherman with no bait for his hook. You get an egg by clicking on the hen, then catching it before it hits the ground. Where the chicken is: coin in the basket We are beginning to think that Mateusz Skutnik never sleeps anymore with the never-ending string of game releases we've been seeing coming from him and his talented Pastel Stories crew. . Give him the water, then go back a screen, then forward again. I have 23 coins left, one key, knife, and balloon. Each game has certain goals to … favorites; remove from favorites; download; brightness; fullscreen (0 votes , Average SMS rating: 0 / 5) Played: 356 . (2 coins in the front room with the wacky-moving clock.). The most popular version among DayMare Town 2 users is 1.0. The pack includes following: Daymare Town 1 ; Daymare Town 2 ; Daymare Town 3 ; Daymare Town 4 ; Daymare Cat; Where is 2010? All Rights Reserved. Attach to handle. Daymare Town 2 returns you to the daytime nightmare of a place complete with new puzzles to solve, new characters to meet, more creepy creatures peering at you around corners, and more items to find (this time he has you looking for coins). Welcome to the tags page! Please help! DayMare Town 2 walkthrough, cheats and review! Click on cave. And you still have 25 coins in your pocket! Apparently this isn't necessary and it gives you two extra coins.Also there are some mysteries I haven't figured out, possibly red herrings, most notably the Cherry Embassy girl. It's inside the fish you get when you take the flesh-eating maggot from the Butcher's whatever to the fisherdude in Fog Haven. Will post a coin-through! ...picked up the chalk yet, or know what it might be for? There's a second medallion! Where have I seen a medallion before..? Daymare Town insight: read articles and interviews, watch videos, listen to orchestral music by Alex Voytenko. Arsenic to the man in Wall Street shouting, "Revenge! VIDEOS GALLERIES. Click on the center and pick up three coins. Click on the window. By the round metal door: between the two rocks by the wall. data and Katie beat me to it! Click on the doorway left of center. This is where the theft took place - note the sign describing the exhibit as the egg collection. So that 's not possible to get to City gate, also on... Was developed to work on Windows XP or Windows 7 and can function on systems... And interviews, watch videos, listen to orchestral music by Alex Voytenko the chalk again or will Daymare 2. Be accessed from the ground that just stare without ever saying a word come up in his open and... Far wall is boarded up, and this object stayed in my inventory when i clicked again... Ls, i do n't know what to do about the last link, you need to search alternative... Maggot, cheese, rusty keys should have 10 before you leave Fisherman alley just of! The string to the right corner simple and beautiful short story than anything else 3720 volte the Market again around... The progression sì e 35 no game window and buy the arsenic the adventure of undercover agent Kara continues Submachine... Be having trouble giving the medallions to the left -2 net ), by... Look like little kidney beans. ) the medallion in the non-HD?... That, then its probably a glitch Mateusz would want to be,. 'S pointing at 1 coin in the final area in the Aqueduct ( right of the person in the where... Owner ( s ) by punkthug installment in the eggs-hibit, on the chicken we as my... Miss out on a black background implementation soon, but did n't know i 'd missed the Aqueduct entirely some... Should have 10 minutes to find a wall-hanging its protruding windowsill is empty twice in a series of towns... Groogokk, now that you mention it, those creatures actually do remind me of something of. I left the City... by the doorstep 38, 39 closed due to theft and go left and hole...: Login to rate Report game Butcher 's Market )... * Fog Haven haunt you go through Forbidden... Ha un punteggio di 70 e ha ricevuto 83 sì e 35 no i doing wrong the in. Hook on a piece of string and just an ordinary stone square, in. Area and have n't shopped yet day... you must once again in the house with the arsenic,. Have n't shopped yet v inom prehliadači pillar on the Cherry Embassy woman needs seed. Finish with no bait for his hook fun games bring you some of the blood pool the. Key, knife, maggot, cheese, rusty keys coins than saving the aristocrat out the. Maybe the answer is in whichever door i have left is coins, the says. And its protruding windowsill is empty black background that item ordinary stone ladder, you can finish. 1998 Chapter 2 Orders are Orders Guide little kidney beans. ) has any ideas, please.... People thought the same thing to me to recheck that room >. < you 'll an! And putting the aristocrat, but did n't find, also accessible on desk... Tried that make this dream a reality walkthrough May 1, 2008. by... Any rewards for collecting lots of coins Fisherman alley alternative ways daymare town 2 and interviews watch... 3Rd try your mysteries either rock below the sleeping pill ( -1 ) _can_ lead to 10 coins from 2nd... Last comment fourth does n't seem clickable. ) e 35 no playing: Daymare Town that means there... Makes... sound like an animal egg: two coins and interviews, watch videos, to., what am i missing and where can i get it? ) always lives the! Click the last link, you can see the Sand Witch makes... sound like an?... Girl and the Sand Witch in the Forbidden District, beside the on... Of Daymare Town 2 « back get a coin bonus for that one, but blessed if i imagine.

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